Home Health Health: 5 Things Pregnant Women Should NOT Do

Health: 5 Things Pregnant Women Should NOT Do

Things Pregnant Women Should NOT Do
Health: 5 Things Pregnant Women Should NOT Do

Health: 5 Things Pregnant Women Should NOT Do

There are some common mistakes pregnant women make which may endanger both their lives and the life of the unborn baby. The common 5 mistakes pregnant women shouldn’t make are discussed below;

Eating for two

This is possibly one of the most common pregnancy mistakes. When people tell you that you have to eat for two, or if this is how you’re justifying your appetite – don’t! It’s a mistake that almost every pregnant woman makes. Your baby is still developing, which means you shouldn’t eat double the amount you, a fully-grown adult, already eats. For a woman, the approximate calorie intake lies in-between 1800 to 2000. As you can see, your little one most certainly don’t need so much. To provide your baby enough nutrition, all you need is to increase your calorie intake by 300. Keep in mind that if you gain too much weight during pregnancy, there could be risks of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and a medically advised C-section during delivery. This could also result in postpartum health problems.

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Insufficient sleep

Doctors say that around 6 hours of sleep for adults is good enough. However, when you’re pregnant, this should increase as you will experience many hormonal and physical changes, along with exhaustion. If you get enough sleep, your body will be fit enough to go through a strenuous labor. Research suggests that “Women who sleep well and stay out of stress take less time to deliver the child. They also experience less labor pain than those who are overstressed and have less or disturbed sleep.” That being said, you must also exercise, which brings us to the next point.

Not exercising

Exercising is extremely important for your body because it prepares you for the exhausting and painful journey of labor. If you don’t exercise, you can really harm your body. We’re not trying to scare you; we’re trying to highlight the importance of being fit. Exercise helps reduce stress hormones, boost circulation, and prepare your body for labor and delivery. Exercise also boosts fetal growth and development. Some women may think that their daily chores are good enough to keep active, but you’re wrong. Ensure you exercise, but remember to speak to your doctor or trainer so you know how much, what kind of, and how long you should exercise for.