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Busted!!! 5 Oral Sex Myths That Are Absolutely False

Oral Sex

There is a common perception that oral sex is a safe alternative to penetration, allowing you to both preserve your virginity and not get pregnant. This perception that oral sex is risk-free is widespread among some adults and teenagers. However, it’s just as risky a behavior as sexual intercourse, especially when it comes to contracting STIs.

The popularity of oral sex has led to these five common myths and misconceptions that are absolutely not true.


  • You Can’t Contract STIs Through Oral Sex

This myth is popular among young adults. In truth, unprotected oral sex actually puts you at risk for an STI.

According to HIV InSite, University of California, San Francisco’s, if a sexual partner is giving oral sex to a man, the risk increases if they have any cuts in his or her mouth. Giving oral sex to a woman can also increase the risk of infection if

  1. There is menstrual blood.
  2. If the woman has another STD in addition to HIV.
  3. If the person performing oral sex has sores or cuts in his or her mouth.
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  • Oral Sex Can’t Spread Syphilis

We have already established that you can catch an STI from oral sex. Syphilis is a STI, therefore…  According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a significant number of syphilis cases occur through unprotected oral sex.

The CDC recommends that people should use condoms during oral sex to reduce the risk of STIs.


  • Brushing Your Teeth Before Oral Sex Can Lead to HIV.

Okay, this is a little ridiculous. Small wounds in the mouth from brushing your teeth, and then having oral sex, does not pose a threat.

These wounds do not provide enough access to the bloodstream. According to AIDS Vancouver HIV is rarely transmitted through the mouth, because the saliva contains an enzyme that prevents HIV from being transmitted.

The risk of HIV transmission is higher anal or vaginal sex; it is reduced through oral sex. According to AIDS.Gov. If one of the four fluids that are contaminated with HIV, such as blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breast milk, were passed to an uninfected sexual partner, that person would contract the virus.

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