Home Health 2017 Symptoms: 6 Early Signs That You Have a Damaged Liver.

2017 Symptoms: 6 Early Signs That You Have a Damaged Liver.


A working liver cleans the blood, helps digest food and fights infection. It also has the added ability to regenerate when it has been damaged, replacing old tissue with new cells.

According to The American Liver Foundation, anything that prevents the liver from doing its job is injurious to human health. That may include inflammation, scarring, cancer or even using too much Tylenol. Even though the liver lies on the inside of the body, there are outward signs that shows when something is wrong.

  1. Your Skin and Eyes Turns Yellow

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According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, your skin and the whites of your eyes could turn yellow when the liver isn’t working properly, due to a buildup bilirubin in the blood.

The U.K.’s National Health Service adds that the yellowing symptom, called jaundice, can occur when the liver’s damage prevents it from processing that bilirubin. The common causes of that kind of liver damage are hepatitis, cancer, drinking too much alcohol, abusing ecstasy, exposure to toxic substances and various infections.

  1. Change in Color of Your bodily waste

According to The National Health Service Jaundice also changes the color of your urine and stool, making the urine dark and the stool pale.

  1. Your Skin Itches

The Mayo Clinic lists liver disease as an underlying cause of itchy skin, as well as kidney failure, thyroid problems and cancer. “The itching usually affects the whole body. The skin may look otherwise normal except for the repeatedly scratched areas.”

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