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10 Foods you should stop eating


3. Tomato sauce


Unless you can find and purchase “real” tomato sauce, without all kinds of additives, the “tomato sauce” that’s sold to consumers is often loaded with stuff that surely doesn’t fit the description of “tomato sauce.”

In their never-ending quest to make their products more addictive, food manufacturers add ingredients like refined sugar and corn syrup to their products.

Many also have sodium, which is not recommended for people with certain health issues such as high blood pressure.

4. Frosting


What’s a cake without frosting? Well, healthier for one thing.

Especially if you normally used that prepared frosting that they sell in cans at the supermarket.

This stuff is probably one of the worst foods imaginable and is loaded with sugar, trans-fats, corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives. Some of the food coloring used in these products is actually banned in other countries!

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