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10 Foods you should stop eating



5. Strawberries


What? Who could possibly suggest giving up a healthy food like strawberries? In this case, we are talking only about non-organic strawberries, since those that are produced by big agricultural businesses are most likely contaminated with pesticides.

A recent report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that some strawberries contained residue from as many as 13 different pesticides. Buying certified organic strawberries or growing your own is the only way to avoid those potentially dangerous pesticides.

6. Sprouts


Sprouts have long been recognized for their healthy benefits, and some new research is suggesting that some sprouts are actually useful for helping to eliminate poisons from the body.

The problem with commercially-produced sprouts is that they are very prone to contamination by germs and bacteria. The environment that’s best for growing sprouts is one that’s warm and moist, which is also ideal for growing nasty bacteria.

Sprouts have been subjected to numerous product recalls through the years due to contamination. The best option is to grow your own at home, which is probably easier than you think.


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