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10 Foods you should stop eating


7. Cookies


Again, the packaged cookies sold commercially are the worst of the batch where cookies are concerned. Cookies often contain hydrogenated oils, which are one of the worst things you can eat if you value your health.

Obviously, cookies are also loaded with sugar, and may also contain things like artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives and bleached white flour.

You’re much better off making your own cookies at home, and eliminating a lot of the harmful ingredients the big food producers use to extend the shelf-life of their product, make it more attractive, and increase their profits.

8. Frozen pizza


Other than stopping by the local pizza shop, buying a frozen pizza and popping it in the oven is probably the easiest and quickest way to serve pizza. The majority of frozen pizza sold commercially has a lot of ingredients you are much better off avoiding.

Things like high doses of sugar and salt along with MSG and nitrates that are probably in the pepperoni or sausage that’s used to make it are definitely not beneficial for your health. It’s not a great choice if you are watching your weight either.

A single slice of deep-dish pizza – depending on toppings – may have as many as 400 or 500 calories!

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