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7 Reasons He Might Be Feeling Insecure About Your Relationship


Guys can get insecure about all kinds of things in a relationship. However, his insecurities aren’t necessarily your fault, but if both of you choose to be honest about them, you will figure out ways to move past them unruffled. These are some reasons he might be feeling insecure.

He doesn’t think you make enough time for him

There isn’t anything wrong with you wanting your space. But if he wants to spend more time with you and you’re confused about how much time you should be investing in a relationship, then ask yourself this question; “In the period I spend not seeing my boyfriend, could I hypothetically be spending time with a secret family that I have across the state?”

If your answer is positive, then you can probably spare a few more days a month.

  1. He caught you talking to another guy and you got really shady about it

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There is really nothing wrong with having guy friends, or replying a coworker’s text. However, there is a lot wrong with freaking out, covering your phone, screaming, and then smashing it against the wall when your boyfriend peeks over your shoulder. That’s crazy suspicious, and you wouldn’t do that unless you had something to hide

  1. He’s never been to your apartment. Or met any of your friends

Sharing intimate things with him increases the trust he has in you. If he has never met any of your friends, this might lead to insecurity.

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