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These Are The 5 Drinks Every Diabetic Should Avoid


The ability to closely monitor your diet and at the same time keep medical bills down is a crucial part of being diabetic. It is common knowledge that uncontrolled diabetes can send sufferer to the hospital with issues ranging from kidney failure, all the way to heart failure and stroke. In fact, there are cases of complete reversal of Type 2 diabetes due to change in lifestyle choices and diet. This means, no more expensive medication. However, to achieve this you need to avoid foods with high glycemic loads that raise the blood’s glucose level. Below are examples of such drinks.

  1. Energy Drinks.

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Even though they provide a boost in the middle of the day, energy drinks are filled with carbohydrates. According to recent study at the University of Calgary in Canada, they may actually cause insulin spikes in teenagers.

  1. Vitamin Water.

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Vitamin water doesn’t really taste like water because it isn’t. Most brands of vitamin water have about as much sugar in a bottle as a can of regular Coke. Instead of drinking that, why don’t you squeeze some lemon or lime into a glass of seltzer.

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