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7 Foods to Eat If You Just Can’t Stop Vomiting


There are times you get food poisoning, if not, stomach flu and you keep vomiting. When this happens, keeping food down may become a herculean task. You become afraid of eating, consequently trying to starve yourself to death. That’s unrealistic. What you need to do is eat any of the food below; researchers have proved that they can help with nausea and puking. This is the list;


  1. Bananas

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Every time you vomit, you lose some of the potassium in your body. However, research shows that eating bananas can help restore that potassium you need to stay strong, and kick your sickness in the butt.


  1. Jell-O

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This helps with your blood sugar. Eat a small cup of your favorite Jell-O every couple of hours to keep your blood sugar regular and provide you with a bit of energy to help you get over the infection.

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