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MUST READ: Top 10 Anti-aging Foods

Anti-aging Foods
MUST READ: Top 10 Anti-aging Foods

MUST READ: Top 10 Anti-aging Foods

As natural as aging is, most people want to find a way slow down the process or even eliminate it if possible, but the goodnews is that researchers found some natural foods that could make  this happen. Naturalnews.com shares Top 10 Anti-aging Foods, read below;

There’s really no better doctor than Mother Nature herself when it comes to combating aging. Almost every day, there is a new study or report that proves just how powerful natural foods can be in terms of curing disease, improving your overall health and helping you stay fit and healthy for longer.

While wrinkly or saggy skin might be your primary concern when it comes to aging, there are many other health complaints associated with age that can be prevented or improved by simply choosing to eat the right foods.

These amazing foods have anti-aging properties that you should know about:

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There are certain foods that you can eat to keep your mind sharp as you get older. According to studies by Cornell University, apples contain certain compounds that protect your brain from neurodegenerative damage, which can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


Another food that is associated with improved brain health – avocados are high in monounsaturated fats which lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and prevent insulin resistance. By improving these health markers, avocados also reduce your risk of cognitive decline, as reported by Natural News. Avocados also have anti-inflammatory properties that help combat Alzheimer’s.

As well as keeping your brain sharp, avocados are high in vitamin E, vitamin B and potassium, which are all vital if you want healthy, hydrated skin.

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