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Science Reveals Men’s Ideal Female Breast Size


Men are like babies when it comes to breasts. However, their infatuation is for different reasons. Where babies see breasts as life sustaining, supportive, and nurturing, men see them as “fun,” and indicative of child-bearing qualities.

According to researchers at Prague’s Charles University believe men’s ideal breast size is driven by the same evolutionary drive — fertility. The study, published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior, shows that men prefer shapely, perkier boobs to those that are larger, and potentially sag over the years.

This is quite surprising, considering the fact that previous research suggests bigger breast size indicates higher estrogen and estradiol levels, meaning large-chested women were more fertile.

267 men from Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic, and Namibia, were quizzed on their breast preferences. They were presented two sets of images of varying breast size and firmness. The result showed individual preferences for breast size varied, but the majority of the participants preferred medium-sized, followed by large-sized breasts, and small breasts. However, when it came to firmness, all 267 men strongly favored this trait.

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The researchers further explained that the shape and size of human female breasts are so unique among primates because of their permanent fat deposits. They speculate that female humans’ different morphology arose as a direct result of male sexual selection. In other words, breast size and shape were intended to serve as an indicator of potential fertility.

The preference for shapely, and perkier breasts is tied to how breasts become less firm with age and parity. This means breast shape could also serve as an indicator of “residual fertility,” or menopause. The loss of perkiness and fertility may be what drives men to prefer medium-sized, firm breasts over larger breasts.

It all doesn’t matter anyway; men are happy to just stare at breasts regardless of the size. In a 2009 eye-tracking research, researchers in New Zealand expected men to spend more time looking at bigger-than-average boobs compared to smaller-than-average. However, they found variations in breast size did not affect men’s “number of fixations and dwell times.”

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At the end of it all, most men consider other qualities as more important when it comes to female attraction than breast size.