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6 Tips That Will Keep You Forever Young


Have you started to notice the first signs of ageing on your skin? These could be anything from a wrinkle, age spots to fine lines around your forehead, lips, or even eyes. But before you reach out for the most expensive anti-ageing cream out there, why not make some lifestyle modifications that will surely work in your favour and prevent more such signs.

  • Avoid excess exposure to the sun

It’s the no. 1 cause of wrinkles with dozens of studies documenting the impact. Protect your skin from sun rays firstly by staying indoors while the sun is the strongest. Secondly get into the habit of wearing a sunscreen with a good enough SPF every time you go out. Apply it at least 20 to 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun and reapply it every few hours.

  • Stay hydrated

Insufficient hydration is the second major cause of excessive wrinkles. In order to for your skin to stay moist and elastic, it needs a constant supply of water. If you fail to get enough fluids in your body, cells will start to lose elasticity and eventually wrinkles shall start surfacing.

  • Quit smoking

Apart from the many well-documented ill-effects of smoking on the body, it also causes premature ageing of the skin mainly by reducing blood supply and nourishment to the skin. This makes the skin lose its elasticity and moisture.

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Also while smoking, some repetitive actions like squinting to protect the eyes from aggressive fumes and constantly dragging the cigarette fumes into his/her mouth causes wrinkles over time at the corners of the eyes and the mouth.

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