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4 Natural Ways of Restoring Elasticity to Your Skin.


Our inability to get rid of loose skin in our body can cause physical discomfort, limited mobility, skin breakdown and poor body image. Especially loose skin that remained as a reminder of the weight we lost. However, these natural remedies may improve skin strength and elasticity to some degree in people who have lost small to moderate amounts of weight.


  1. Perform Resistance Training

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Engaging in steady strength-training exercise is one of the most effective ways to build muscle mass in both young and older adults. Plus, it helps you burn more calories, an increase in muscle mass may also help improve the appearance of loose skin.


  1. Take Collagen

Collagen hydrolysate is similar to gelatin. It is a processed form of the collagen found in the connective tissue of animals. Although it hasn’t been tested in people with loose skin related to major weight loss, research shows that collagen hydrolysate may have a protective effect on skin’s collagen.

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In another controlled study, collagen strength increased significantly after four weeks of supplementation with collagen peptides, and this effect remained for the duration of the 12-week study.

Collagen hydrolysate is also known as hydrolyzed collagen. It comes in powdered form and can be purchased at natural food stores or online. Another popular source of collagen is bone broth, which provides other health benefits as well.

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