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4 Tips to Feed Yourself to Better Health in 2017.


4 Tips to Feed Yourself to Better Health in 2017.

  1. Supplements or Whole Foods

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Most of the foods we consume are created for the supermarket shelf, and not for our health. Many people see supplements as an insurance policy for not eating well or not exercising enough, but in reality, when we don’t eat well we get sick. However, if people have a deficiency, like pernicious anemia where the person’s body prohibits the absorption of B12, then taking a B12 supplement is vital.

We can boost our brain function and our overall well-being with modifying our grocery list. However, you should know that there’s a big difference between starting the day by taking a set of pills, and seeking out top food sources. There’s differences in terms of absorption; there are some molecules that just aren’t in multivitamins.


  1. The Healthy Smoothie

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Food trends like juicing or smoothies are considered healthy, but this is dependent on their ingredients. Typically, smoothies tend to contain a lot of tropical fruits, and some low-fat milk or yogurt — but this is really all simple sugars. Instead, a robust meal would be a smoothie that contains seeds or nuts to increase its fat and protein content.

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