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5 Tips to Help You Track Your Weight Effectively.


The best time to weigh yourself is right after you wake up, after going to the bathroom and before you eat or drink. This is because your weight tends to fluctuate less in the morning than later in the day when you’ve had plenty to eat and drink. That is also why people weigh the least in the morning.

Also, it is best if you always weigh yourself in similar clothing each day.

However, you need to keep in mind that your weight may fluctuate from day to day and can be affected by many factors, including: What you ate or drank the previous day Bloating or water retention Menstrual Cycle Whether you’ve had bowel movements recently

Therefore, it is important to assess the trend of your weight over a longer period of time, instead of drawing conclusions from each and every weighing. Here are 5 tips to help.

  1. Use an App

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There are also several apps available for your phone or computer that allow you to easily enter your daily weight and see the trend of your weight change. Happy Scale for iPhone and Libra for Android are two such apps.

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