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Scientifically Proven; 3 Easy Steps to Help You Quit Smoking.


It’s a new year, and as all new year’s, it comes with a resolution. This could range from financial, to health to academic, depending on the area you want to improve. Quitting smoking is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolution under health. However, accomplishing this task is far easier said than done. These are 3 scientifically proven steps to help you quit smoking for good.


  1. Cold Turkey

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Researchers have suggested that quitting “cold turkey” or going straight from your regular smoking habits to not smoking at all, is the best way to ensure that the habit sticks. According to a recent study, researchers instructed two groups of smokers quit smoking, but one had to give up cold turkey while the other gradually reduced their nicotine intake until it was zero.

The results obtained showed that nearly half of the participants that quit abruptly still had not smoked at the four weeks’ mark, compared to 40 percent of participants in the group that gradually cut down. Overall, participants who quit all together were 25 percent more likely to not take up smoking again.

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