6 Signs You are in Rebound Relationship

6 Signs You are in Rebound Relationship

6 Signs You are in Rebound Relationship

Rebound relationships

We humans possess great capacity for self-deceit; we can tell ourselves we’re fine when we are not, we can convince ourselves we’re happy when we’re not, see mountainous problems even when we have it good and are making enviable progress. Sometimes, we are just so confused that we get mixed up in lie and we are convinced of it. This is how some of us are with rebound relationships.

You just had a major break up; you’re supposed to be heartbroken and disappointed and despite the fact that those who really know you say that this is the case, you deny it will your strength, promising that you’re over the whole episode.  Before anyone knows it, you’re claiming to have to have found the love of your life in some guy or girl that you barely even know. Everybody’s wondering why you seem to be in such a rush but you really don’t seem to think so.

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The hallmark of most rebound relationships is rushing into an intense relationship soon after emerging from serious one or dating (serially) as a way of escaping the pain of heartbreak. It might be such a bad if those heading into rebound relationships were aware of it and could therefore manage their expectations and the promises they make. Many who went into new relationships with such an awareness were able table what they could realistically offer  and state their expectations with honesty that saved further pain.

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