Sorry! 9 Signs Your Husband Is NOT Romantic

Sorry! 9 Signs Your Husband Is NOT Romantic

Sorry! 9 Signs Your Husband Is NOT Romantic

Being romantic is more that opening the door of a car, getting you bunch of roses or flirting in public. There are some little things that might portray huge romance that you can only find in romantic husbands.

Your husband might buy you roses always and flirt with you in public but don’t be disappointed if he forgets your wedding anniversary, inadvertently compliments his female friend or does something really unromantic.

The man you thought you had pretty much known before you married emerges differently with time. Just give him signals to get him into the mood. What do you get? He only throws it back to you like the most unromantic man. Then there’s more:

Forgetting your birthday

Your birthday is one of the most important days to you and expects your husband to treat it equally important. Most men can forget their wife’s birthday. It is one of the most unpardonable things to do. Forgetting your birthday makes you think you matter the least. Women can take such issues pretty seriously. Something as simple as marking your birthday on the calendar or emailers can help him remember it well. An expensive gift is not always necessary, but to hear him greet you on your special day can make a lot of difference.

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