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The Awesome Power of Fiber Diet, Feel Full and Lose Weight at The Same Time.


However, a recent review found that only around 39% of fibers helped reduce hunger. Of these, just 22% resulted in a reduction in the amount of food eaten at a meal. Viscous, soluble fibers — which form a thicker, sticky gel in your gut when they absorb water — are the most effective at keeping you full.

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Food sources of viscous, soluble fibers include flaxseeds, legumes and oats. Emerging research is also investigating whether supplementing with specific types of fiber may help weight loss. However, in general, fiber supplements haven’t always been found to be particularly useful. One exception to this is a fiber supplement called glucomannan, which has been shown to help people lose a small amount of weight in the short term.

Nevertheless, it can’t be presumed that fiber supplements have the same health benefits as whole-food fibers. This is because whole-food fibers come with many other beneficial nutrients.

Finally, viscous, soluble fibers are thought to be the most helpful fibers for weight loss. If you don’t eat much fiber, increasing your intake by around 14 grams per day could help you lose weight.