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Marijuana 2017; Hidden Health Dangers of Smoking Marijuana

  1. This legalization of marijuana in some US states comes with health risks. Here are some of what we learned last year about risks related to pot smoking.

    Raises Alzheimer’s Risk

Research has suggested that marijuana is good for its protective effects on the brain, from helping brain cells grow to shielding the brain from chronic stress. However, researchers have found that long-term consumption of marijuana is capable of reducing blood flow to the brain. The hippocampus, to be specific. This increases the susceptibility for Alzheimer’s disease.

A more recent study shows that pot smokers displayed low blood flow in the hippocampus, which is vital in the storage of long-term memory, including all past experiences. The hippocampus becomes especially vulnerable to damage at the early stages of Alzheimer’s since the disease leads to dysfunctional neurogenesis (growth of brain cells), which can cause memory impairment.


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