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Marijuana 2017; Hidden Health Dangers of Smoking Marijuana

  1. Weakens Heart Muscle

Marijuana use may increase the chances of developing an often temporary heart condition, stress cardiomyopathy. This is also known as “broken heart syndrome.”

In a study, researchers observed over 33,000 people hospitalized with stress cardiomyopathy from 2003 to 2011. Among the 210 patients who reported marijuana use before they experienced the symptoms of broken heart syndrome, they found noticeable differences between them and the typical sufferer.

Not only were these patients often younger men instead of older women, but they had fewer known risk factors for the condition, like high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes.

They were also likely to go into cardiac arrest and require an implanted defibrillator to prevent later cardiac events. These findings suggest marijuana can increase the risk of stress cardiomyopathy.


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