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2017 Health Talk; This is Why Too Much Sleep is Unhealthy For You


Sleep feels so good, so of course it would make sense that it can be bad for you. According to a new video from SciShow lists all the ways too little or too much sleep is linked to serious and potentially deadly medical conditions.

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression — research has shown a link between all of these problems and certain sleep levels. A study showed that twins who slept less than seven hours or more than nine hours were at a higher risk for depression, and another suggested people who got less than seven or more than eight were twice as likely to develop diabetes.

We’ve known too little sleep is dangerous for a while — in fact, extreme sleep deprivation could eventually kill you. But there is not as much understanding about the effects of being in bed for too long every day, and while the general rule of thumb is to spend eight hours a night asleep, the jury is still out on the ideal amount.

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