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This Is the Absolute Worst Weight-Loss Mistake You Can Make


You’ve got slimming down on the mind, and you already know that eating veggies is the number one thing you should be doing to lose weight. But if you’re new to this healthy lifestyle, you’ll also need to know what mistakes you absolutely should not make — they could end up causing you to gain weight!

According Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, of Whole Health Nutrition, some people feel like they need to stop eating everything that’s “bad” for weight loss, like bread or all carbs (even fruit), sweet treats, alcohol, meat, and/or dairy.

While doing a diet reset by ditching processed and nutrient-void foods and switching completely to whole foods definitely has its benefits, “limiting to protein shakes and cutting out all carbs” doesn’t work for long-term weight loss.

Sure, a person will lose weight, but that kind of diet is impossible to sustain. As soon as you go back to eating all those delicious off-limit foods like cookies, ice cream, wine, and pasta, the weight will come back on, and the cravings and binge-eating can also come on strong.

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