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Health Hazard; 5 Different People That Must Never Eat Alfalfa


Although alfalfa is probably safe for most people, it may cause harmful side effects for some individuals. Here are 5 set of folks that must never include alfalfa in their diet.

  1. If You Are Pregnant

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Alfalfa may cause uterine stimulation or contractions. Therefore, it should be avoided during pregnancy.


  1. If You Take Blood Thinners

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Alfalfa and alfalfa sprouts are high in vitamin K. Although this benefits most people, it can be dangerous for others.

High doses of vitamin K can cause blood-thinning medications, such as warfarin, to be less effective. Therefore, it’s important for people taking these medications to avoid big changes in their vitamin K intake.


  1. If You Have an Autoimmune Disorder

There have been reported cases of alfalfa supplements causing the reactivation of lupus in some people. And in one monkey study, alfalfa supplements caused lupus-like symptoms.

This effect is believed to be due to possible immune-stimulating effects of the amino acid l-cavanine, which is found in alfalfa. Therefore, those who have lupus or some other autoimmune disorders are advised to avoid it.

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