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4 Shocking Home Acne Remedies That Work Fast


Acne can be extremely discomforting and lead to cosmetic concerns — well after your teen years. Although it begins in puberty, it can occur at any stage of life, making you vulnerable to commercial products that promise clear skin, but fail to deliver the expected results. The truth is you don’t need harsh chemicals to fight acne, there are effective and cheap home remedies that can reduce acne fast.

Cleansers and soaps advertised for treating acne often contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur. These active ingredients in over-the-counter acne products are excellent peeling agents that help strip your face of extra buildup. Rather than gamble and risk what drugstore acne treatment is best for you, read these six homemade acne remedies that can be found in your kitchen.

  1. Baking Soda

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Baking soda is a popular kitchen staple that does more than raise soda breads and cakes — it can simmer down acne. It opens the skin’s pores and eliminates the top layer of the skin that contains oily secretions, dead skin cells, and dust, inhibiting acne formation.

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Baking soda contains the chemical compound amphoteric, which means it can either act as an acid or a base, neutralizing pH, according to Vicki Lansky’s book, Baking Soda: Over 500 Fabulous, Fun and Frugal Uses You’ve Probably Never Thought of.

This property makes baking soda effective in correcting pH imbalances that can contribute to acne. It also has mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, that can help reduce the irritation of inflamed acne.


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