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Using Flower Essences For Emotional Healing

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About Flower Essence Therapy

Use of flower essences is an extremely safe therapy for shifting emotional states which may be causing or perpetuating outward physiological illness. Developed by homeopath, naturopath, and allopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s, these liquid preparations are intended to work in subtle ways on one’s emotional/spiritual energetic patterns. Through repeated dosage, essences have helped individuals release ‘negative’ emotions or fears, and support transformation to higher states of health and wellness.

While a few ‘formal’ methods are given, there are no hard-and-fast rules for the use of flower essences. It can be best to begin with one of the ‘commonly’ prescribed methods, and explore creative ways to incorporate the flowers into your life as you see fit. Flower essence therapy has a certain flexibility, and will likely be most effective when used in a way that feels right in your life. Here are a few guidelines to take into consideration:

Frequency of Use

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Most flower essences can be used directly from the ‘stock’ bottle (the dilution level at which essences are most often sold). A typical usage schedule is four drops directly in the mouth (or added to a glass of water), four times daily. Because of the particularly dynamic nature of daily awakening and retiring, the most important times may be immediately upon waking, and just before going to sleep. The other two times may be before lunch and upon arriving home at the end of a workday – whatever times might best suit your daily rhythms.

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Some folks apply essences to their heart chakra, pulse points on their wrists, or on their forehead; essences can be dropped in a bath or added to a spray bottle and sprayed about a room or house (more about further dilution in a minute). Sixteen drops can also be added to a water bottle and taken throughout the day – this is a very effective method for those with a busy schedule who otherwise may forget to take their essences.

Duration of Use

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Because flower essences work on an emotional level, sometimes described as the ‘soul level’, it is important to remember that changes may best be made gradually. Flower essence therapy has been most successful when the essences are taken regularly, most often for the period of about 1 month, for changes in ‘core’ emotional issues to be seen.

Some essences, like Rescue Remedy, are blended to have an effect regarding a recent (minutes, hours, days) traumatic event. Yarrow Environmental Solution by Flower Essence Services was created to offer protection from our modern environment on a daily basis, while not necessarily addressing personal emotional situations. Still other essences, like ‘Impatiens’ – used to calm an impatient aspect of personality – works fairly quickly in some cases.

One user regularly felt the effect within 10 minutes while the impatience was still a significant part of his personality, with the entire personality aspect being slowly washed away after long-term use. So, in most instances, if trying to clear or change some significant part of your soul makeup, try at least a few weeks of regular use.

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Dilution and Blending

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Flower Essences can be further diluted from the ‘stock bottle’ (the ‘dilution level’ available on this site) to a ‘dosage bottle’ for regular use. One can add 1 or more droppersful from the stock bottle to a clean 1 ounce (30ml) dropper bottle and fill the rest with spring water (optimally) or other clean water source. Blends can also be made this way, adding 1 or more droppersful from each flower essence to the 1 ounce dropper bottle, filling the rest with spring water.

The receiving bottle should either be new, or boiled in water to remove old residue – because of the nature of flower essences, they can pick up etheric vibration left over. Also, whenever using flower essences from the stock bottle, be conscious of not touching the dropper tip to anything – your tongue, hands, another bottle, etc. – to help maintain the vibrational purity of the flower essence.


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