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How Breathing Can Help You Lose Weight.


We all know that obesity is on the increase, we see it every day on TV and in magazines. The problem seems to be spiraling out of control. Common sense tells us that weight gain is just down to the plan and simple fact of eating too many calories and the wrong food choices but this problem can also be because of low self esteem and being in situations where you are under constant stress and use found the wrong food both as a comforter and a quick energy pick me up.

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So what can we use to turn that to turn your weight gain around? What if I told you that you could make a big difference to your health from the proper breathing technique both in increased energy and relieving yourself in stressful situations?

We all know the benefits of the proper breathing technique. If you’re breathing improperly your body isn’t gaining the full benefit of the lungs and you body suffers in the same proportion. This problem gets worse when you consider that most people also don’t exhale properly and a lot of waste products and gases are left to accumulate there.

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This sluggish feeling can start a vicious where the victim goes from having no energy to snacking on sugar filled pick me ups, which contain extra calories, which add to the weight gain, which add to the feeling of a lack of energy and the cycle goes on and on!


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