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Researchers Reveal The Average Penis Size; The Result Will Suprise You.

Penis size

For most men, the size of the penis is a measure of masculinity and one’s ability to satisfy another person sexually. Due to this, penis size can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Having a smaller than average size penis can lead to feelings of anxiety and fear of intimacy.

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Hundreds of studies and researches have been made to determine the average penis size. However, the result has varied. This is primarily due to difference in sample size, and method of measurement.  Here are some results:

Study #1

The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research

Year: 1948

Sample: 3500 white college males

Average penis length = 6.2 inches

Average penis girth = 4.9 inches

Comments: It is important to note that the information used in the survey was based on men who measured themselves. Only white males were included in the survey and they were all college students, so it did not represent a wide diversity of races or ages.

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Study # 2

Durex Condoms

Year: 1980

Sample: 2,936 men from different countries

Average penis length = 6.4 inches

Average penis girth = 5.2 inches

Comments: Men were asked to measure themselves and then report their results online. The bulk of respondents were from the United States and the majority of participants were white.


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