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2017 Myth-busters: Skin Care Myths That Are Just Not True.

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Proper skin care is one of those things that more and more people are embracing nowadays, particularly because of the media campaign that subconsciously pushes people to be more beautiful. However, as with anything of this sort, not all the information one needs to know is actually known by the general public. In such situations, the general public tends to develop “knowledge” of its own, which are easily dismissed as myths and urban legends by medical experts. Here are a few of the more common myths.

Myth #1: Eating Some Foods Can Cause Skin Infections

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Skin infections are not caused by the food you eat. No, acne is not caused or affected by your diet either. Your food intake has no effect on whether or not your skin can become a target for acne, pimples, or any other skin infections. The fact is, your diet has minimal effect on your skin. Instead of watching what you eat, you might want to try cutting down on the stress and anxiety to minimize the chances of your skin getting blemished. The only way food can have an appreciable effect on your skin is if you have an allergy to the food eaten.

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Myth #2: Facial Exercises Make The Skin Look Younger

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There is absolutely, positively no truth to this. The harsh reality is that doing facial exercises will do more harm than good. Your skin is elastic, but only to a certain extent. Like all things that are elastic, there are limitations to just how much you can pull before breaking it or deforming it. Similar to a rubber band, if you pull at it enough, you’ll eventually deform it. In the case of the skin, do enough exercises and this’ll just make those wrinkles and lines more visible.

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