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Allergy; An Unfortunate Downside Of Excessive Cleanliness.


The acceptance of the “hygienical hypothesis” is growing in the medical community and this can lead to adjustments in the way parents raise their children. Even children who have flues with more frequency in the first years of their life seem to tend less to develop allergies.

Super protective parents that do not allow the children to walk bare-footed, have contact with animals or that only bathe their babies in mineral or boiled water would be, therefore, producing negative and contrary consequences to their children.

This thesis is based on the hypothesis that the exposure to the microbes in infancy strengthens the lymphocytes – white cells of the blood that act in the defence against parasites, embryos, etc.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you must give in when your son refuses to take a bath. But it is probable that the human body is not changing so quickly as the civilization. For millenniums we have coexisted with viruses and bacteria, and suddenly we become highly aseptic. Also, our alimentary habits had never been modified so radically, nor had we as much access to chemical remedies and other products as we have now. Probably, in the future, people will try to treat allergies with a healthy diet and less drug prescriptions.