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Stressed? These Are The Food That Can Help You Sleep.


Some advice for achieving good sleep may include the following:

* Establish a schedule and stick to it; sleep when you are sleepy but try to get up and go to bed each day at about the same time.
* Use a fan or other means of creating a steady, soothing sound to drown out other noises.
* Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake; avoid caffeine after noon and don’t use alcohol as a sedative before bed.
* Get heavy curtains or shades to block out bright light early in the morning if you are awakening earlier than you’d like.
* Check your medication list. Because some medicines can interfere with sleep, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the medicines you take.
* Refrain from vigorous exercise within several hours of bedtime.
* Avoid heavy meals or excessive fluids within an hour or two of bedtime.

Although the use medication and other food supplements are not prohibited, individuals who want to use medication to aid them in their sleep should always consult doctors before taking them. These people should bear in mind that the best way to improve sleep is eat the right food.