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How Having a “Sweet Tooth” Can Cause Wrinkles.


On the other hand, Dr. Darren Casey, a dermatologist and dermatological surgeon in Atlanta, Georgia, isn’t so worried about potential skin damage from sugar. “Sun and smoking are the leading cause of wrinkles,” he said. Getting plenty of antioxidants in your diet as well as taking chewable vitamin C can help offset the harmful effects of too much consumption of sweet.

Products that contain retinoids can also revitalize sugar-damaged or environmentally challenged skin. Retinoids are a class of compounds related chemically to vitamin A that are readily available over the counter or through prescription. They are the best treatment to help soften fine lines or wrinkles, which in turn will help you look younger.

So when the next holiday treats start to beckon, think again. Don’t get tricked by its sweet talks.