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The Importance of Plyometric Training.


Plyometrics is the name for a type of exercise that is designed to increase intensity or explosive power in certain muscle groups. This kind of training is used to increase the power of a boxer’s punch or the force of a basketball player’s jump. Plyometric training is different from traditional strength training exercise because it is performed quickly and explosively.

It increases muscle power by capitalizing on the lengthening and the shortening of the muscle cycles. This kind of training usually starts with a rapid stretch of a muscle or eccentric phase followed by a rapid shortening of the same muscle or the concentric phase. Burpies, clap push ups, jumping ropes, and jumping jacks are types of plyometric exercises.

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Several studies suggest that plyometrics can greatly improve athletic performance in terms of vertical jumps, long jumps, sprinting, cycling, basketball, kickboxing, and many more. It appears that even one or two types of plyometric training completed one to three times a week may improve motor performance within six to 12 week. In addition to this, three sets of 10 plyometric push ups may also increase upper body strength.

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Despite the benefits of plyometric training, many fitness specialists are often cautious in recommending this kind of fitness regimen because of the high risk of injury. However, the development of injury can be reduced by performing warm-ups and following safety precautions. Landing from toes to heel from a vertical jump, avoiding cement surfaces, and using well-cushioned footwear are important things that should be remembered while engaging in plyometrics. Because of the injuries that can be developed in this kind of training, individuals who want to engage in it are advised to work with a physical fitness trainer.

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