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Know the 4 Side Effects of Vasectomy Male Birth Control.


2. Occasional swelling and pain

Aside from being highly susceptible to cancer, occasional swelling and pain are also another known side effects of vasectomy birth control. Although these are regarded as non-serious effects of the said minor operation, swelling and pain are very convenient complications for most males.

Common causes of swelling and inflammation are the fluid hydrocels and the abscesses that occasionally develop when infection occurs. It is a good thing that the pain caused by inflammation and swelling can be remedied by regularly taking antibiotics and immediate consultation to a specialist.

3. Impotence or decreased sexual drive

Of all the reported complications associated with vasectomy, impotence or decreased sexual appetite is perhaps the most dreaded side effect of most men. Nothing is more frustrating to a man than not being able to satisfy or provide the sexual and intimate needs of his partner.

Decreased interest in sex, however, is not basically caused by physical reactions or changes of the body due to the operation. It is, rather, more of a psychological side effect that is associated with the stress and worries experienced by a man during the process of the vasectomy procedure. Best recommendation for this condition is psychiatric therapy or counseling that is to be conducted by an experienced therapist or doctor.