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5 Reasons You Should Definitely Date Your Best friend.

Date your best friend
Date your best friend

Truth is, there really is nothing more exciting than meeting someone new. There is this spark of attraction that can exist between you and that person you just met. However, we’ve been pondering whether it’s ideal to date your best friend, or possibly some individual you met just a couple of weeks ago, who knows nothing about you than simply your name and telephone number?

Of course, the move from best friend to-sweetheart may feel somewhat weird at the beginning, yet we surmise that the advantages of dating a friend may very well overrule the weirdness. So in case you’re asking yourself, “Should I date my closest friend?” here are 5 reasons you completely ought to.


  1. He knows your most terrible side.

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Let’s be honest: amid the initial couple of months of dating another person, it’s anything but difficult to hold yourself together and imagine you don’t have a bad side (everyone has one). You make light of your frailties with the expectation that he won’t consider you to be clingy, and you downplay the way that you once in a while get cranky, desirous, or absurdly furious.

As a friend, he won’t just know about your own shortcomings, yet he will know how to react to them in a way that is useful to the relationship and to your desires to enhance yourself. On that same note, you’ll know about his awful dress sense, his cliché jokes, and his peculiar affection for period pieces before you begin dating him. Hell, you may even love him all the more for the peculiarities you would discover irritating in any other individual.

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