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Easy Way To Effectively Identify Inferiority Complex In Children.


Children suffering from an inferiority complex isolate themselves from others and become preoccupied with their feelings of inferiority. As they grow up they are unable to face failures and they feel they don’t have what it takes to succeed in life.

Years later, when a child grows up and starts to be more socially adept, opportunities to overcome low self-esteem increase. The once-insecure child can strive to excel in school or in sports. Yet in the back of that child’s mind, those old self-defeating thoughts might still lie dormant and ready to resurface during the next encounter with failure or put-downs from other people.

People who suffer from an inferiority complex can also become obsessed with their weaknesses. They always keep thinking that others are superior to them. They often get nervous while talking to others, especially if the opposite person is talking confidently.

Nature doesn’t believe in similarity. It creates creatures and objects, human beings included, with such unmistakable uniqueness. Even twins are different from each other in so many ways. perhaps the key to overcome the sense of low self-worth is to begin taking stock of our good and unique features or qualities. By developing those qualities, skills, and attributes, we are able to “shine” and achieve identity and distinction. Indeed, inferiority complex is an irrational and unhealthy condition. Every person on the planet has at least one unique quality that is superior to others. Given that fact, how can one be inferior?