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How Your Personality Might Determine When You’ll Die.


If you are an anxious type:

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  • You feel that people take advantage of you.
  • Even small disagreements upset you.
  • You are probably too nervous to make a change, even though you realize it would help you.
  • You lack self confidence.
  • You feel vulnerable.
  • You say “Sorry” easily and even if it wasn’t your fault.
  • You bottle up anger so well that even you don’t know its there.
  • You just can’t say “No”.
  • You fear being unpopular.These people have poor self-esteem. They often take on jobs that are not demanding enough and then become bored and frustrated. They can spend so much time avoiding things that they miss out on living a full life. Although relaxation and or meditation is helpful for this group, it should be combined with methods to build self esteem. A few hypnotherapy sessions can do wonders to build up self confidence and the effects can be life changing.

If you are an ambitious personality:

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  • You are totally dedicated to anything you begin.
  • You always finish anything you start.
  • You think relaxation is a waste of time.
  • You even dream about work.
  • Work is more important than a social life.
  • You often do two or more jobs at once.
  • You can focus on your present task to the total exclusion of other things.
  • You may forget meal times.
  • People getting in your way, slowing you down, make you angry.
  • You feel that there is a urgency for every task, and never enough time.
  • It is important that others see you achieve.These people are often the most stressed, but least ready to do anything about it! They deny that they are stressed and just keep going until ill health forces them to stop. These are power driven people, often somewhat aggressive when crossed. They need to be in control. A combination of relaxation and active leisure pursuits can help here, as well as sticking to a routine which includes time out away from work related activities.
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Your personality self assessment:

You may be obviously one type or you could be a mixture of types. Once you recognise certain qualities about yourself, you may be able to find a better balance, understanding and harmony within yourself. You may have noticed that all these personality types are driven by fear, and the reaction to fear is stress. If you recognise yourself here then do something now to make the changes you need to make to help yourself to a better, happier life.