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Science May Bring People Back From The Dead


A Philadelphia-based company, Bioquark, hopes to use stem cells to reverse death by injecting them into the spinal cords of people who have been declared clinically brain dead. The subjects will also receive an injected protein blend, electrical nerve stimulation, and laser therapy directed at the brain. The ultimate goal is to grow new neurons and spur them to connect to each other, which can potentially bring the brain back to life.
There’s the potential that a cocktail of molecules to spurr neuronal growth could come in pill form.

This concept does raise a lot of questions, like “Will we be a different person if brand new neurons connect differently?” Or ,“How many cells can be replaced without fully becoming a whole different person?”

Stem cells are currently used for a variety of conditions, from stroke to paralysis.
But, there’s currently no FDA-approved stem therapy for brain conditions. Scientists are hopeful if this approach worked on mice, it could one day work on humans too.