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7 Tips To Get Guys To Ask You Out All The Time

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How To Get Guys To Ask You Out All The Time

Getting dates these days is an endless cycle of playing text message tag. Rarely ever is there a follow-through from a guy once his ego has been stroked. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, it’s quite simple to get guys lining up around the block, chasing you for a date. It’s a matter of knowing how to tap into what he thinks.

Creating an intriguing dating profile that leaves him wanting more will have you getting hundreds of dates in under one month. You’ll have so many you probably won’t even know how to respond to all your requests.

Here is what you need to know about attraction and how to get guys to ask you out…all the time!

1. Use pictures that speak a thousand words.

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Marketing yourself to getting unlimited dates is the key to your success. If your pictures are not “je ne sais quoi”, then the guy is already onto the next.

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You have to prime yourself if you want to grab his attention because you only have seconds before he swipes over you. And if you can’t capture quality images with your camera, hire a photographer or grab your BFF for a photo session.

This is how you stop him in his tracks, captivate him, and keep him wanting more. The best way to intrigue a man with your photos is to make sure they tell an enigmatic story.

A variety of lifestyle images is vital. If you are unsure about what lifestyle photos look like, then check out your favorite lifestyle blogger on social media or Entwined Lifestyle’s Instagram.

Their photos often convey action shots of “I’m fun”, “I love life and am enjoying it to the fullest”, “I’m not afraid to go outside the box”, “I’m confident in who I am” (this is a huge element), and “I am passionate about x, y, and z”.

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Your images should leave him perplexed and have him wondering, “Who’s that girl?”

2. Put yourself on multiple dating apps.

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Limiting yourself to just one or two dating apps won’t cut it if you are trying to expand your dating opportunities and increase your chances of going on dates. If you want to be seen, you have to plaster your profile strategically on several apps. This is your personal branding and marketing dating campaign.

Each app offers a variety type of guys along with an underlying message of the type of relationship he is “looking for” based on the site’s reputation or his profile. You’ll need to read between the lines here to select appropriate matches.

It’s all about your approach, images, and what you say to land the date with him.