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6 Healthy Reasons to Wake Up Earlier


Take your dog for a walk

If you’re a dog lover whose schedule doesn’t require getting up in the predawn hours, this routine may be for you: Trinity Perkins, M.S.Ed., a certified fitness trainer and lifestyle blogger, takes her Jack Russell terrier, Ace, for a walk first thing in the morning. “Not only does he need to go out, but it also gets me out into the fresh air and sunlight,” she says. Depending on the weather, their walk may last up to 45 minutes.

Perkins appreciates the serenity of her suburban neighborhood in the early morning. “It’s my quiet time, before I log into work or check my phone,” she says. “It makes me happy watching Ace sniff the neighborhood like it’s the first time he’s been here. And it keeps me on schedule, because I know Ace depends on me to let him out.”

Quick tip: Follow your morning walk with 5 minutes of stretching, Perkins recommends.