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6 Healthy Reasons to Wake Up Earlier


Eat a nutritious breakfast

Jennifer Glockner, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Los Angeles, begins every day by making and eating breakfast. She recommends allowing at least 20 minutes for your morning meal when possible: 5 minutes for preparation and 15 minutes for eating. “Ideally, breakfast, like any other meal, should be eaten mindfully and slowly to allow satiety [a satisfied feeling of fullness] to set in,” she says.

“We fast overnight, leading to a low blood sugar level and a slower metabolism,” Glockner says. “Breakfast is an opportunity to jumpstart metabolism and provide key nutrients that the body needs to promote wellness and maintain proper weight. In contrast, routinely skipping breakfast may cause overeating at later meals, which eventually may lead to weight gain.”

What’s on the menu? Glockner says that a nutritious breakfast should be primarily composed of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, high-quality proteins (including nuts, seeds, and beans), and a little healthy fat. “For example, I’ll eat a whole-grain waffle with nut butter and berries,” she says. “Or I’ll have a whole-grain tortilla with an egg or beans, avocado, and tomatoes.”

Quick tip: Get a head start the night before by making overnight oats or hardboiled eggs and chopping fruits or veggies