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6 Healthy Reasons to Wake Up Earlier



Consume inspiring media

Erika Martinez, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist in Miami, believes that establishing morning and evening routines to bookend each day reduces worry. One component of her morning routine is reading, watching, or listening to something that makes her feel grateful or inspired. As examples, she cites readings from the Daily Stoic and videos of TED Talks. “Novels and self-help books can also be great options—especially audiobooks for the commute to work,” she says.

Dr. Martinez says that the effects of engaging with something positive in the morning may reverberate throughout the rest of the day. “It helps me be more mindful of how I go about my day and use my time,” she says. “It also helps me not take the people or things in my life for granted.”

Quick tip: Write in a journal about something that inspires you as an alternative method of eliciting this frame of mind.