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6 Healthy Reasons to Wake Up Earlier


Revel in the peace and quiet

Lisa Santangelo, Pharm.D., is a pharmacist who also runs a lifestyle blog called Food, Family, and Chaos!—and the name of the blog says it all. The busy mother of 9-year-old twins gets up 45 minutes before the kids so she can ease into her day with a leisurely shower, a big mug of tea, and some undisturbed me-time.

“My day just flows better if I don’t have to rush when I first wake up,” she says. “I sit in my recliner, cuddle up in a blanket with my dog Jake, and check my personal email and Facebook—my guilty pleasure,” she says (in a tone that sounds not at all guilty).

Quick tip: Save work email, news websites, and anything else that’s likely to be more stressful than soothing for later in the day.

Rise and shine!

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Scheduling wellness activities early in the day helps ensure that you get around to them. If you decide to give it a try, don’t forget to adjust your bedtime. When you’re getting up an hour earlier, you need to hit the sack an hour earlier, too, to avoid shortchanging your sleep.

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It’s unclear whether early to bed and early to rise makes you wealthy and wise. But it might make you healthier, if you find an early-morning wellness routine that works for you.