Men Issues

Men Issues

Guys, This is How Your Laptop Can Damage Your Sexual Health


Living the 21st lifestyle would not be complete without electronic gadgets that prove just how much technology has changed the way we live. With the growing popularity of computers, it is no surprise that researchers have embarked on a study to determine the potential damage, if there is any, that frequent use of laptops may cause on a man’s sexual health and fertility. Recent findings by the State University of New York experts have shown that men who frequently use laptop computers could be unwittingly damaging their fertility.

A laptop computer, or simply laptop or notebook, is a small mobile computer that usually runs on a single main battery or from an external AC/DC adapter which can charge the battery while also supplying power to the computer itself. This very useful office and entertainment tool is now being examined so that the public may be forewarned about the potential hazards of long-term use.

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Researchers found that when a man balances the said equipment it on his lap, it increases the temperature of the scrotum which is known to have a negative effect on sperm production, and may cause scrotal hyperthermia. Since the function of the scrotum is to keep the testes at a temperature slightly lower than that of the rest of the human body, increase in scrotal temperature can damage sperm production and development. Scrotal hyperthermia has been identified as a risk factor for male infertility.

According to Dr. Yefim Sheynkin, lead researcher from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, laptops can reach internal operating temperatures of over 70°C — a temperature that is harmful to live sperm.

“They are frequently positioned close to the scrotum, and as well as being capable of producing direct local heat, they require the user to sit with his thighs close together to balance the machine, which traps the scrotum between the thighs,” he said.

There are 29 healthy males aged between 21 and 35 who volunteered to be a part of the experiment. Temperature changes to the scrotum caused by laptop use and the different seating positions over one hour time periods were recorded and evaluated. The following results were observed: In order to balance a laptop, a man has to sit with his thighs together. With this posture alone, temperature in the scrotum rose by 2.1°C. When the men used a laptop in this position, the average temperatures increased by 2.6°C. on the left side of the scrotum and 2.8°C. on its right side.


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Know the 4 Side Effects of Vasectomy Male Birth Control.


Know the 4 Side Effects of Vasectomy Male Birth Control.

Of all the many variations of birth control options available for both men and women, choosing for the best one to use and practice is the common dilemma of most people. Birth control methods basically range from non-prescription options, which one can buy and use without prescriptions from specialists; prescription methods, the ones that require doctors’ recommendation before usage; sterilization; and the natural/abstinence birth control practices.

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Despite the wide variations of contraceptive methods to choose from, most sexually active males prefer the sterilization method as their means of birth control. Vasectomy, which is the medical term for male sterilization, is favored by most men today because it is permanent and its efficiency rate is higher compared to other forms of contraception. In this kind of sterilization process, the tubes in a male’s scrotum are tied or sealed so that the sperm cells cannot get through the semen.

However, there are reported claims of side effects in vasectomy procedures. Some doctors and medical specialists even contradict to the efficiency and safety of this kind of permanent contraceptive method. Even though some of the noted adverse effects are not supported by clinical studies, it is still best to be informed on the procedures’ possible complications before choosing this kind of permanent birth control method.

The following are three of the negative side effects of vasectomy male birth control method:

1. Susceptible to cancer

Unknown to most males, cancer is one of the adverse side effects brought by vasectomy. This happens when a man’s body reacts negatively to the changes in his reproductive organ. There are instances when a man’s immune system confused the sperm as a harmful substance. As a normal reaction of the body, antibodies are then automatically released, thus, making the arteries clogged. Note that when arteries are clogged, cancer cells are more likely to develop.


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Bionic Men: Using Mechanical Devices to Cure Impotence


Over the last few years, impotent men around the world have relied on some little blue pills to help them obtain and maintain their erections. But the pills are not without their complications. Some men experience side effects while taking oral phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors such as Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil). These side effects can range from headache, flushing of the face and body, indigestion, runny nose, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, muscle pains and vision disturbances.

These medications are also contraindicated for patients taking nitrate-based drugs or alpha-blockers, because interaction with PDE5 inhibitors can be fatal. Viagra has also been reported to cause permanently impaired vision or even blindness in some patients. Other drug treatments available involve direct injections to the penis or shooting pellets down the urinary pipe, both of which can be unpleasant for patients. It is because of these side effects from drug treatments that some men prefer to explore other possibilities such as mechanical or surgical methods to deal with their condition.

Image result for vacuum pump for erectile dysfunction

There are a number of mechanical devices available to aid impotent men, such as vacuum pumps, penis rings and vibrators. Vacuum pumps are cylinders that fit over the penis, which allow the user to draw up blood to the member by sucking out the air. Once the member is engorged, a specially designed penis ring can be fitted on to the base of the shaft to help stop the blood from draining back to the body. Vibrating devices can also be used to vitalize the male member either by direct contact or by stimulating the prostate. Some men may feel too embarrassed to purchase such devices because of a social stigma attached to them. However, privacy issues can be dealt with by ordering these through the Internet.

On the other hand, surgery is a much more drastic step to take when dealing with impotence. Surgery usually has one of three goals: to implant a device that can cause the penis to become erect; to reconstruct arteries to increase flow of blood to the penis; or to block off veins that allow blood to leak from the penile tissues. Prostheses are mechanical devices that surgeons insert into the penis to allow men to manually raise or inflate the penis for sexual intercourse and to lower it afterwards. Patients can choose to have either a flexible sterile rod put into the shaft or an inflatable implant that comes with its own fluid reservoir and pump, although the latter is preferred because it leaves the penis into a more natural state. Possible problems can occur as with many other implants, such as bleeding, infection and the breakdown of the mechanical device although the latter has been somewhat limited because of recent technological advances.

There are cases of impotence that benefit from penile arterial revascularization. It is designed to keep blood flowing by rerouting it around a blocked or injured vessel at the base of the shaft, usually due to a pelvic fracture or blunt trauma. This procedure is recommended for men under the age of 45 with no known risk factors for atherosclerosis, a condition where progressive thickening and hardening of the walls of medium-sized and large arteries as a result of fat deposits on their inner lining. Surgeons microscopically connect nearby arteries to keep the blood circulating into the penis.

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7 Things You Can Do Today To Transform That Beer Gut Into Killer Abs.


There is much hype and misinformation surrounding the subject of how to get rid of a beer gut. If you can get past the infomercials selling their ab machines, diet supplements and magic pills you’ll have a much better chance of actually seeing some proper results and holding on to the money in your pocket.

Like anything in life that involves hard work and desirable results there are no shortcuts. A task such as this requires some fundamental changes in how you live your life and exchanging bad habits for good ones.

Here are 7 small life changes you can make to your every day routine to help to get rid of a beer gut:

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1. Park the car a few blocks from work forcing you to walk the rest of the journey every day to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. If you take the bus or train try and get off a stop or 2 early (take a change of shoes for this).

2. Try and avoid taking lifts and escalators if there are stairs you can take instead.

3. Swap coffee for green tea.

4. Split your meals up into 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day, this will increase your metabolism and therefore burn more fat.

5. Drink lots of water, particularly when you get up and before you go to bed.

6. Eat larger meals earlier in the day when you need the energy and smaller ones in the evening when extra energy will only end up being stored as fat. Remember this expression;- “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and sup like a pauper” but try and split this into 5 or 6 meals instead of the usual 3.

7. Be conscious of how you sit at your desk or how you hold yourself during your day to day routine. One of the best ways to develop a flat tummy is to exercise your transverse abdominus. You do this by holding in your stomach (without holding your breath). Aim to see how long you can hold it in for and better your time every day.


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Penis Enlargement; Discover Which Method Is Best For You.


So you have decided to make the big step and actually join the hip penis enlargement community. No more denial, no more depression. Sure, the road happiness looks long and lonely from where you stand right now, but even a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

And that first step was your decision to do something about the inadequate size of your penis. The second step is to find out which penis enlargement method is best suited for you. Of course, the final choice depends on your aesthetic preferences, readiness to perform complicated tasks and free time.

If you work from home or otherwise have a lot of free time on your hands and being alone for longer periods of time is not a problem, then you can certainly try the SizeGenetics. This penis device is not easily hidden by clothing, which means that you have to be alone, or with someone who doesn’t mind your personal activities, for the duration of the enlargement sessions. By exerting constant traction on your penis session after session, SizeGenetics is one of the fastest penis enlargement solutions available on the market.

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You may wonder at this point whether we would also recommend pumps. Truth is we think pumps are far too unreliable and dangerous to be used. Pumps have not been endorsed by doctors as a valid penis enlargement method and should be used only by people suffering from diabetes or heart conditions in order to obtain erections.

If you have less free time and work in an office, then you may wish to try the PenisHealth system of penis enlargement exercises. This perfectly natural penis enlargement solution features a series of exercises that act in the same was as the traction device. The cells that make up the penis tissues are forced to expand and multiply, thus increasing both length and girth.

The exercises can be performed in the morning before going to work, or in the evening. One of the advantages offered by this solution is that you have absolute control of your penis enlargement experience at all times. The risk of accident is practically non-existent for any person who performs the exercises correctly.

But if you are not happy with either of the two methods outlined above, we are happy to recommend you the ProSolution Pills. These herbal penis pills can help you increase the size of your penis in a natural way with a minimum of fuss. They are easy to conceal and can be taken any time and any place.


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Researchers Reveal The Average Penis Size; The Result Will Suprise You.


For most men, the size of the penis is a measure of masculinity and one’s ability to satisfy another person sexually. Due to this, penis size can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Having a smaller than average size penis can lead to feelings of anxiety and fear of intimacy.

Image result for penis average size

Hundreds of studies and researches have been made to determine the average penis size. However, the result has varied. This is primarily due to difference in sample size, and method of measurement.  Here are some results:

Study #1

The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research

Year: 1948

Sample: 3500 white college males

Average penis length = 6.2 inches

Average penis girth = 4.9 inches

Comments: It is important to note that the information used in the survey was based on men who measured themselves. Only white males were included in the survey and they were all college students, so it did not represent a wide diversity of races or ages.

Study # 2

Durex Condoms

Year: 1980

Sample: 2,936 men from different countries

Average penis length = 6.4 inches

Average penis girth = 5.2 inches

Comments: Men were asked to measure themselves and then report their results online. The bulk of respondents were from the United States and the majority of participants were white.


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Guys, These Are The 3 S3x Positions That Can Break Your P@nis.


Curiosity can be an intense stimulant where sex is concerned. Toying with sex positions, role play, or sex toys can be fun, and energizing — yet it additionally puts your genitals in peril. As of late, a Chinese man was left in unbearable torment after he broke his penis amid a night of “energetic” sex.

The 42-year-old man, distinguished by the surname “Dai”, was scrambled for crisis treatment at a neighborhood clinic before being exchanged to Guangxi Minzu Hospital at 4 a.m. According to People’s Daily Online, specialists inspected Dai’s penis, which was bowed and swollen at an edge, formed like an eggplant. After a scan confirmed a penile fracture diagnosis, specialists performed the surgery to repair the break at 5:30 a.m., and he has been recouping at the healing center.

Image result for broken penis

Penile fractures are serious injuries that could potentially lead to erectile dysfunction or other risky complications if not treated instantly. Commonly, patients will hear a splitting sound; followed by a prompt loss of erection; or create dim wounding because of blood escaping the cylinder. As indicated by the Mayo Clinic, at times the urethra tube where pee is discharged from the body  might be harmed, and blood could be unmistakable at the urinary opening of the penis.

For Dai’s situation, he tore the corpora cavernosa — the sponge like erectile tissue that keeps running along the penis. Men accomplish erections when the blood streams into the corpora cavernosa. Yet, rough sex can tear this tissue, driving the blood to blast inside the penis, and prompt excruciating swelling.

Specialists at Guangxi Minzu Hospital concede penile breaks are more typical between those 20 to 40 years of age, and are most normally a consequence of masturbation, and unpleasant sex, among other sex acts.

A recent report in Advances in Urology found the danger of breaking a penis fluctuated among sex positions. Analysts investigated information from 44 men who went to doctor’s facilities with suspected penile cracks — 42 were accommodated — 28 were penile-vaginal — and found there were patterns in sex acts that prompted a broken penis. The positions are;


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Facial Skin Care Tips for Men You Should Absolutely Try.


As a man, young or old, you ought to be concerned with the state of your skin. Many men seem like they could care less about the state their skin. With the Hockey season just starting up, who has time to worry about skin care?

If you plan on going down to the pub to catch the game with your buddies, you should heed my advice and do your best to look good. Hey, you never know when you are going to meet Ms. Right! You should all know by now that we want a man who takes care of himself and puts some effort into his appearance.

Image result for facial skin care men

Cleansing is important part of everyday skin care. Good old soap and water is better than using nothing at all, but hand soap is designed for use on hands. Feel your hands. I don’t think anyone wants a face that feels like that. Why not try something new?

Take a trip down to your local pharmacy and have a look around. Or if you are too embarrassed and you already have a Mrs. Right, I’m sure she would be happy to pick something up for you. There are countless products available, and there is sure to be something right for you. Try to find something with minimal fragrance, so you aren’t overpowering the ladies with your various scents.

Shaving is another thing that men don’t give much thought to. Well, you ought to! Why have rough, razor-burned skin when you could be smooth? Trust me. The ladies like a man that is smooth, and that doesn’t just apply to clichéd pick-up lines!

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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work?

penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is becoming a wide spread. Men are becoming more aware of penis enhancement, finding need of a larger penis. Sex, looks, attractive is a quality men seek.
Men have options for enlargement of the penis. Natural exercise enhancement, pills, surgery enlargement, penis enlargement devices are some enlargement techniques.

Image result for penis enlargement pill

With pills and capsules which are made mainly herbal based claim that an increase of 50% of the penis. Herbal extracts, vitamins, and extracts vary ingredients found in pills and capsules for penis enlargement. Yohimbine is the mostly the active component in the pills for penis enlargement. Yohimbine is an alkaloid with characteristic of aphrodisiac and with potency stamina with a boosting sex drive. Effects of this drug increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Yohimbine found to have an effect on blood circulation could have effect on erectile function of the penis. Men using the best penis enlargement pill along with natural penis enlargement plan can increase the flow of blood to their penis.

Maintaining a healthy diet, stop smoking can reduce in size of the penis. Excess drinking can have damaging effect. Drinking can cause brewers droop the lack of ability to attain or maintain an erection while drunk, and impotence with access drinking over a lifetime. Excess weight will effect of the penis, as the fat will hide the penis inside of the body in obese men.

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The Major Causes of Impotence You Should Know.


Known under many nicknames over time and feared by any man who seeks to enjoy life, impotence is getting to be a more and more common dysfunction in these times. Higher levels of stress and pollution, lifestyles that are harmful to the body and exposure to beauty and sex standards that are not widely met within the society are the likely culprits for this situation.

Impotence may be caused by many different factors of both physical and psychological nature. The list of physical factors features inherited impotence, genetic disorders, various conditions and the medication prescribed for them.

Image result for impotence

Studies have shown that many cases of impotence are inherited from ancestors who had similar problems. Long term consumption of alcohol and nicotine is also an established cause of impotence, due to the way alcohol influences the cardiovascular system.

Conditions and diseases that affect the flow of blood within the body are practically guaranteed to cause impotence. Since erections are based on the amount of blood that can be trapped by the penis and on the time it takes to do so, it’s easy to see why people suffering from cardiovascular conditions or diabetes have problems getting erections.

The medication used to keep in check these conditions is also bound to affect the flow of blood, especially in the case of high blood pressure. Other types of medication that interfere with erections are those which modify the responses of the central nervous system to various reflex actions. Such drugs are likely to inhibit the reflex widening of arteries that allows an erection to occur. Antidepressants are well-known for listing impotence among their side effects.


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