6 Signs It’s Way Too Soon to Say ‘I Love You’ to Someone


Relationships, clearly, can be difficult. They bring a portion of the most noteworthy highs and the least lows. When you get into another relationship, there are three little words that can make things much  astonishing or leave you stumbling over yourself to get out the entryway. “I adore you.”

Those three little words can make enormous difference. For some individuals, it’s difficult to make sense of precisely when to say them. No one needs to frighten their partner off by being excessively clingy and dropping the L-bomb following two weeks, or make things difficult by holding up far too long to say it. We’re getting a cerebral pain simply considering it!

Since each relationship is distinctive and no two individuals are the same, there’s no how-to-guide. In any case, there are a couple of signs that it may be far too early for that colossal revelation:

1. You’ve just barely begun dating

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Obviously, there are exemptions to each administer, however in the event that you’ve just been dating for fourteen days, it’s likely too early to drop the L-bomb. Following half a month of dating, you’re still in the vacation stage and everybody is still on their best conduct planning to inspire (and get laid). Desire looks a considerable measure like love when hormones are included.

2. There is an absence of security

The adoration that sprouts in a solid relationship ought to bring a suspicion that all is well and good. On the off chance that you don’t feel safe, it may be too early to state, “I adore you.”

3. You can’t see them in your future… yet

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It’s absolutely ordinary to stare off into space about a delightful future when you’re in another relationship (do individuals still need 2.5 children and white picket wall?) however in the event that you can’t fit your new lover into your 5-year arrange yet then perhaps hold off on making any immense affirmations.


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7 Strange Sexual Turn-Ons For Women, Backed By Science


Most men will concede that attempting to make sense of what ladies need sexually is difficult. A one-measure fits-all approach in comprehending ladies leaves men befuddled. Fortunately, science has dove into the profundities of the unpredictable female personality to investigate offbeat turn-ons that are of sexual excitement.

A current Singles In America overview, directed by, discovered taking the time to disconnect from the phone on a date is a turn-on. A sum of 75 percent of singles find answering a phone call in the middle of a date to be a major turn-off, and 66 percent likewise don’t care for when their date is messaging. What’s more, 58 percent would prefer not to see their date’s phone face up on the table amid a date, and 45 percent say never observing or hearing a telephone all through a date is a noteworthy addition.

These turn-ons and mood killers are down to earth and direct, mirroring the advanced culture of the computerized age. In any case, there are some astounding extra triggers that can put a lady in the state of mind.

A Wrinkled Eyebrow

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A wrinkled, or folded eyebrow can put a lady in the state of mind more than a cheerful face. A review distributed in Evolution and Human Behavior discovered men who have facial components that show the “Dull Triad” of identity qualities, for example, Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy, are particularly alluring to ladies.

Analysts clarify ladies will probably observe narcissism connected to social achievement, physical, and mental medical advantages. A lady’s inclination for narcissism was emphatically identified with their conceptive achievement, or birth to all the more posterity. The inclination for the Dark Triad attributes in men might be connected to a lady’s general richness.

Two-Week Old Beard Or Stubble

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Men, put those razors down, ladies locate a more established facial hair, or stubble, a more prominent turn-on than a clean shaven face. A review in Evolution and Human Behavior discovered ladies were more pulled in to men with whiskers, particularly those with 10-day-old stubble and full facial hair.

Members said the clean-shaven men looked as solid and appealing as those with a full facial hair, yet evaluated the hairy men higher for percieved child rearing abilities. A light facial hair might be seen as well “masculine,” while a full beards radiates the impression for male agression.

A Deep, Husky Voice

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The voice of Barry White or Johnny Cash can send shivers down a lady’s spine. A review in PLoS ONE found a low, imposing voice is seen to be more overwhelming and unequivocally connected to finding a mate. A delicate, profound voice with a substantial breath is considered alluring, in light of the fact that it demonstrates a man’s musculature.

The Names Ryan, James, And Jack

Changing a name could be a troublesome accomplishment to court a lady, yet in the event that your name is James, Ryan, or Jack, you’re as of now observed as alluring. In a review called “The Name Experiment,” exhibited at the 2008 Edinburgh International Science Festival, ladies studied in the UK observed Ryan to be the most alluring name, trailed by James, and Jack. Then, the slightest alluring names were Peter, Thomas, and George.

We may have solid recognitions about first names, and our discernments could have genuine results in regular day to day existence. Notwithstanding, for better or for more terrible, we ought to take advantage of our original name. Diminish, Thomas, and George, not all desire for sentiment is lost.


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What Women Want From Men, Whether Dating Or Married.


Men, If You Want Brownie Points…Send Her Flowers and Trinkets!

Ok, ok! So you’ve heard that line before. But you may not understand why after all this time that it still works! Well, in the next few minutes prepare to get an insight into the mysterious women’s world.

Here are some very basic things you should know:

1) Women (generally speaking) are the softer side of the human race. We have softer bodies, soft demeanor (usually) and instinctively want to nurture and care for our fellow man. And men….women really do want to take care of you! Men on the other hand, want to conquer and procreate. Testosterone kicks in and men on a regular basis blunder along and just by the look on a women’s face they know they are in trouble. And why?

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2) WOMEN SEE EVERYTHING!!! Never underestimate a woman’s instinct. Women generally can be more intuitive than a man simply because we’ve been trained over thousands of years to have that watch-full eye over the children and loved ones. We must see what the children are doing and scope for hidden dangers nearby constantly! That’s why moms know the hand is in the cookie jar and she’s not even looking directly at you! Have you ever noticed a woman looking at you and you feel like she is reading your mind? Well essentially she is. She knows what that twitch of the eyebrows means and the eyes tell a whole story.

Here is a tip for you men. Don’t wait until you are in trouble to do something nice for a woman. Believe me, it goes so much farther if you buy her flowers for no reason. Women are also attracted to the pretty things like shiny jewelry. You can hardly go wrong doing either. Unless a woman is seriously not interested in you, it is likely that you will see her melt right before your eyes if you present her with something of beauty. Women are sappy that way.

This is especially true for a long-term relationship because this tells her you are still creating something wonderful and appreciate her.

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This is the Real Reason Men are Crazy About Boobs.


Breast: Women have them, men adore them — however unmistakably ladies and men don’t consider them similarly. To you women, they’re clearly some portion of your body, regardless. Some of the time you’re glad for them, once in a while despondent and the greater part of you know how to utilize them further bolstering your good fortune no less than a bit.

To us men, be that as it may, your bosoms are the object of something between solid intrigue and absolute fixation relying on the person (and the set). They make us focus, twofold take and misplace our thought process. They make us stray amid discussion. They make us murmur automatically. They make us gape.

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The thing is, most ladies don’t understand that our marginal madness isn’t exceptionally complicated: we just like boobs — a considerable measure. What’s more, we like them in essentially all shapes and sizes. In case you’re asking “why do men like boobs,” the appropriate response is just “in light of the fact that they’re boobs.”

Ladies continually ask me whether huge boobs are better, why fake bosoms engage such a large number of men, and what the major ordeal is, as though there’s a monster puzzle encompassing why men are fixated on boobs.  I don’t think there’s much mystery, though, and all these questions are pretty easy to answer

The clearest reason boobs are a major ordeal is biological.


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6 Weird Sexual Turn-Ons For Men, Based On Science.


We accept physical appeal and certainty are the real turn-ons for both men and ladies. Activating sexual excitement varies for both genders; men are more animated by visual signs, and ladies are more tempted by touch and feeling. In spite of this, men are not the less complex sex with regards to excitement and craving, they are satisfied in the most unpredictable, and irregular ways.

A man’s sexual craving is more nuanced than accepted. Despite the fact that men do concentrate on body parts, they have individualized inclinations about what those parts ought to resemble. Past research has found when men do looks on the web, some plainly sexual in nature, they scan for ladies’ body parts, however they obliging their own particular taste.

In spite of form magazines highlighting slender ladies, hetero men are hunting down different alternatives. Truth be told, for each “thin” pursuit there are three “fat” ventures, and “BBW” destinations, which remains for “Huge, Beautiful Women”, are well known. Men are not as clear, or compact with regards to what turns them on.

There are clear signs that lift sexual craving in men, however these six turn-ons beneath will draw him more towards you.


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Viewing a startling moving or recounting apparition stories while outdoors in the wood can set the mind-set for men. In a review, distributed in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, specialists set two gatherings of men to remain on two separate scaffolds — a dread stimulating suspension connect suspended 230 feet noticeable all around, or a solid, safe extension.

An appealing female questioner requested that the men round out surveys containing Thematic Apperception Test pictures — a projective mental test — that decides a man’s fundamental thought processes, concerns, and the way they see the world. Those on the scaffold have more scandalous answers, driving the scientists to trust dread is connected to excitement in the cerebrum, driving men to open up. High uneasiness impelled excitement in men.


Possess a scent reminiscent of Pumpkin Pie

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The possess a scent reminiscent of pumpkin pie is synonymous with Thanksgiving supper, and turning a person on. A review led by Chicago’s Smell and Taste Research Center found the aroma of pumpkin pie blended with lavender expands blood stream to the penis more than different aromas, similar to cranberry, which just prompted to a two percent expansion.

Scientists speculate the fragrance of pumpkin pie may inspire recollections of a home-cooked dinner or make men feel more quiet.

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This is Why We Fantasize About Other People During Sex.


This is Why We Fantasize About Other People During Sex.

A significant number of us see our mate with rose-tinted glasses as we’re profoundly infatuated with each fiber of their being. We close our eyes amid a hot sex session, and all of a sudden the picture of our neighborhood barista flies into our head. We frenzy and ponder, “Why am I fantasizing about my barista when I adore my accomplice?”

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In light of the video, “Why We Think About Other People During Sex,” The School of Life concedes our brains wanders more than we admit —  even in long-term relationships. In our most personal minutes with our partners, we may well be considering other individuals, for example, individuals we really know, or simply irregular individuals we’ve seen some time recently. Nonetheless, we don’t fantasize about other individuals since we’re not close: It might be that we’re excessively close.


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10 Reasons Why Love Can Turn To Hate

10 Reasons Why Love Can Turn To Hate

10 Reasons Why Love Can Turn To Hate

Sometimes it happens; love turns to hate and those two people who were inseparable become the worst of enemies.

Most times, when it happens, it’s a mystery but here are 10 possible reasons why a loving relationship or friendship can turn into one where both parties just can’t stand each other:


Betrayal is one thing that can turn people who once loved and supported a person to his/her haters and enemies is betrayal. Sometimes when people are betrayed, their feelings of love turn to bitter hatred.


Secrets can ruin a relationship; when they are suddenly exposed, they can make someone who once loved you to have a different perspective of you and begin to hate you especially when there is no opportunity to explain your side of things.


A terrible misunderstanding of motives, intentions or the purpose of actions in relationship can turn love to hatred. This is why communication is important in every relationship.


Backbiters and gossipers can ruin a relationship if they are given audience by one or both parties in a relationship. They can sow terrible words and news that can turn what once a wonderful feeling of admiration or love to hatred.


This works both ways. A person can fall in love with someone else or start cheating on their partner, and as a result of this begin to despise or hate that person they once loved dearly. This may happen when they compare both lovers and feel like their new catch is better that the old faithful.

The other way round is when a partner discovers that the other person has been unfaithful or catches him/her in the act. Love can easily turn to hate.

Unrequited Love

Sometimes people become bitter and hateful towards people who did not return their affection or people who rejected their advances. So that what was once tender love turns into mean hatred.


When people lie too much to someone who loves and cause the person shame, embarrassment and heartache, that love may turn to hatred and disgust.


People may come to hate someone they once loved if the person turns out to be an irresponsibility, goo-for-nothing who cannot be counted on for anything.


If one party is too proud, boastful or arrogant in a relationship, it may cause the other person to secretly resent him/her which may turn to hatred.

New discoveries

People can become disgusted, indifferent and hateful of someone they once loved or admired because of new discoveries about the person. For example, they may discover a dirty or criminal past they cannot get over, or discover that the person is from a family or related to someone who has done them great harm or they deeply resent.

This makes them to transfer such hatred to the person they once loved.

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Ladies; Five Things That Sex Will Never Achieve in Your Relationship

Ladies; Five Things That Sex Will Never Achieve in Your Relationship

Ladies; Five Things That Sex Will Never Achieve in Your Relationship

It’s been said many times by those older, wiser and more experienced but some of us ladies just never hear this important advice in relationship; sex will not earn you love and it will not solve all relationship problems.

Physical intimacy and sexual satisfaction is only a part of romantic relationships; an important one but it just isn’t the ultimate. It makes more meaning and yields more results when many other parts of a relationship are in place. It won’t keep any relationship on its own; not for long any way.

For any female out there who feels she’s done so much in this department but has only met with frustration and disappointment in her love life, this may be a timely reminder.

Here are five things that sex will never achieve for you in your love life:

Friendship and Companionship

Sex will not guarantee you companionship; it might grab you his attention when he wants you but in the long run, people will only make attempts to be companions or have friendship with someone whose company they enjoy outside of physical gratification.

A man will choose his companion based on compatibility, his own desire to be with that person and many other things including her ability to laugh at his jokes. How you guys match in bed will probably feature as a consideration but it can’t really do anything on its own for a man who knows what he wants.


How much you give it to him or how good you are in bed can hardly get you to be respected by any man. It shouldn’t necessarily diminish your respect but it won’t necessarily earn you any respect.

If you make the mistake of giving yourself to an immature man or one who has a wrong idea of women, it might actually become a source of disrespect.


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Ladies, 5 Things You Shouldn’t Disclose Too Early in a Relationship

Ladies, 5 Things You Shouldn’t Disclose Too Early in a Relationship

Ladies, 5 Things You Shouldn’t Disclose Too Early in a Relationship

Love conquers all; this is true but sometimes, love needs to be given some breathing room and adjustment time to find its conquering feet.

You met somebody, it feels like magic and you honestly believe he’s the one. Ladies, it is possible to get carried away in the early stages of a relationship and reveal things that the other person is not just ready to handle yet.

There are things that may require more time in a relationship before they can be disclosed and discussed, depending on the maturity of your man, the gravity of the issue, the responsibility it requires, among many other factors that may just differ with the parties involved.

As for what qualifies as too early, one can safely say that telling a man you’ve been dating for between a week  and three months, all your life problems can qualify as too early.  But there are issues (and sometimes your instincts tell you) for which you may need more time to unravel.  “Early” in a really serious and committed relationship should not probably go past six months or a year because anything after that might be seen as keeping a secret.

Here are five things you shouldn’t spill too early;

Your Financial Status

Unless, you’re now dating your banker or financial adviser, then ladies don’t be too quick about revealing how much you have or don’t have.

If you’re struggling financially, making this a topic early in your relationship might colour his view about you or make it seem like you’re trying to get him to chip in. The truth is that financial state can indicate a person’s level of stability and wisdom among other things and men consider this too. It is not because they are gold-diggers or materialistic, it is an important part of life.

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So you might want to let him get to know you enough to decide that you are more than your financial state.

If you’re doing well or rich, you need to be cautious; that’s just the fact. Establish trust and discern motives before baring all about your money.

However, you should be careful about deliberately keeping it a secret; it may give an impression that you cannot correct and eventually damage the relationship.


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3 Things Every Father of the Bride Should Do at His Daughter’s Wedding


3 Things Every Father of the Bride Should Do at His Daughter’s Wedding

It’s not uncommon for the father of the bride to look a little bit lost on the day of his daughter’s wedding. After all, he’s not part of the bridal party helping the bride get ready, and he’s probably not invited to participate in his future son-in-law’s last hours of freedom. But that doesn’t mean the FOB isn’t important! There are plenty of ways dads can make a difference on their daughter’s big day — here are three easy ones.

1. Do everything the bride and MOB don’t have time do

After you make sure your wedding clothes are good to go, ask your daughter and your wife how you can help. Has lunch been ordered for the bridal party yet? Does anyone need to be picked up from the airport last minute? Did the bride forget anything at home? Use the downtime before the ceremony to help tie up any loose ends.

2. Prepare your toast in advance

Going on the assumption that it’s possible you will have a few drinks before the very special toast you’re expected to give the bride and groom at the reception, it’s not a bad idea to prepare your speech in advance. Consider jotting a few key points on a note card.

3. Play host at the end of the night

Even if you didn’t contribute financially to the wedding itself, try to make sure to thank all the guests who attended and say goodbye when they leave. Usually, the bride and groom are still dancing the night away when the older family members head out. Help your newly-married kids and say goodbyes for them so they’re not obligated to give up their last hour of fun.

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